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I started a podcast!

Hi! I started a podcast with my longtime BFF, Kim. It’s called Hey, Bestie! and we chat about pop culture, things we love (or hate) feminism, and modern life. And there are already four episodes up! So far we’ve talked about bullet journaling, The Rock running for president, shows you should never binge watch, romance novels, and more. Go to for more info and ways to listen or hop right over to iTunes.

I’ve missed you, Blog.

Hello and happy summer! ย ๐Ÿ˜€ Whenย my year long posting streak ended, I decided to take a bit of a break and post less frequently, and then family from out of the country visited for a few weeks and we went to Disney World, and then we got back and they left and… I just kept on not posting. Blogs are funny that way. A daily habit of writing makes it easier (although there are still days you’ll struggle), but when you stop your daily habit becomesย not writing and the days just keep on rolling by. But anytime I’ve been able to maintain regular posting, I’ve loved being able to look back at random days in random years and see what my life was like at the time. Blogging is my BFF when it comes to remembering those little moments that are otherwise lost, and reflecting on where I’ve been and where I aim to go is important to me. All that to say, I’ve missed itย and so I’M BACK. This post is starting a new …

Writing Pause

I keep almost posting, and then… not. Which is perhaps extra frustrating after blogging every single day for 366 days straight up until last month. I mean, I said so many things! Anyway, I have many drafts in progress, and my bathroom is being tiled, and I’ve read a book I want to talk about, and soooooo: I’ll be back soon. I promise to post by week’s end.