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Bye, Bathroom!

Y’all my bathroom is a DISASTER. We started ripping it apart today and let’s just say it’s gotten a whole lot worse before it’ll get better over the next month or two.

In true renovation fashion, we discovered an unexpected expense about twenty minutes into demo. That’s home ownership! Oh well. But, look! The sheetrock is gone from the back wall and we can see into the closet that’s being added into our bathroom (and will be our shower).

master bathroom demo, day 1

We’re also working on our bedroom at the same time, but thankfully that one’s much less messy. (Although it still requires us to move into our guest room, which we did today.) I shared some ideas/plans for the bedroom here a while back. I’m still finalizing the details of the materials going into the bathroom, so I’ll post about those as soon as everything’s settled.

More demo tomorrow. Pray for our old bones. Everything hurts.