Sarah in July 2015Sarah lives in Dallas, Texas, with her very tall Dutch husband, where they’re remodeling a house in the city. She’s delighted to be a Happiness Engineer at Automattic for the WordPress mobile apps, and is “good at Internet” (according to a great compliment she once received). She has a Bachelor of Science in Government and Women’s Studies from Texas Woman’s University, and if she’s addicted to anything, it’s every election cycle. (2016 was rough!)

Sarah is a JaneiteBrowncoatRavenclaw. She loves to read YA, feminist-friendly romance, non-fiction, and a zillion other things, and has been known to spend evenings vague-tweeting about shocking moments on her favorite television shows. She cohosts a podcast called Hey, Bestie! with her best friend of many years. She writes about life, current events, feminism, her house, technology, women in tech, books, pop culture, food and whatever else she fancies here, and would never brag about not owning a television (and would always own one).

She really likes:

  • Tina Belcher & Veronica Mars & Buffy Summers,
  • singing along to Hamilton in the car,
  • made-for-TV movies on the Hallmark channel, especially in the fall, and
  • lots of coffee. (Current obsession: cold-brewed iced coffee with a splash of cream.)

She’s on Twitter constantly, Instagram frequently, and has been known to go on the occasional Pinterest binge.