Biden Says Let’s Keep Marching

One of the things I’ll miss most about President Obama being in office is the obvious friendship, brotherhood, and admiration that exists between Obama and Biden.

Vice President Biden shared this today:

For eight years, I’ve had the privilege to stand with my friend and brother, to fight alongside him to make sure every single American has a chance to get ahead. I really mean it when I say Barack is one of the finest presidents we have ever had….
I’ve been so proud to stand side-by-side with Barack on our march toward a more perfect union. Let’s keep marching.

Read the entire lovefest on his Facebook page here.

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Coming of Age, Always

“We never really stop coming of age, at least as long as we remain notionally open to our own evolution.”

YES. Good reminder and life motto.

From: NPR’s First Listen: Haley Bonar, ‘Impossible Dream’