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Keep Dallas in your thoughts.

Watching video of a mass shooting in your own city is strange and sad and difficult. Keep Dallas, and the DPD, and everyone who was at the protest in your thoughts. (The Dallas Morning News is providing fantastic coverage, with an understanding of the city often not found in national media, if you need an update.)

Let’s also try to remember the protest before the shooting. It was peaceful and had the support of the police department.

And remember:

I know there are police officers doing good work every day, including many in Dallas, where Chief Brown has turned the department toward community policing and deescalation over the past few years. And I appreciate them. But that doesn’t make those who aren’t doing the right thing less deserving of being held accountable.

We have to work together, from every side, to have a chance at fixing any of this. And while I agree that all lives matter, it’s important not to pretend like we’re all under the same threat and living the same American experience, because #BlackLivesMatter is a movement that needs us to listen and help where we can.

None of us are free until we all are.