The Walking Dead: Well, that was a finale.

After all season waiting, waiting, waiting for Negan to appear, tonight it finally happened.

And basically this is me now:


Because, yikes! The traps along the road and leading them to where they’d eventually meet him built it up just right. And whew, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a delight, even as a charming psycho with a barbed wire bat. (I’ve been a fan since he was Denny in season two of Grey’s Anatomy and have loved him in everything I’ve seen him in since. He’s just got it.)

And let’s be honest, if we’d been following Negan this whole time and it was Rick’s group of strangers coming after him suddenly, we’d think Rick is the bad guy. (And isn’t he? They stabbed those people in the face while they were sleeping the other day!)

Looking forward to next season. WHO DID HE PICK?!