Month: April 2016

The Living Room Bookcases are Almost Done

Hi! ūüėÄ I hit 366 days straight of blogging on April 11 and then I decided to break my streak to avoid accidentally starting to aim for¬†two years straight. I had to¬†really¬†break it by not posting for the last several days so I would get over it, and you have no idea how many times I almost blogged. But it’s broken for good, so I’m back now. Hello. So, I think I’ve shared this photo here before, but this is what my living room looked like when I bought my house and the wood floor was waiting to be installed before we moved in. It was mostly¬†original to 1960, except that inset carpet had been replaced I guess, but that didn’t make it any less horrifying. When we first moved in, I filled the shelves with as many brightly colored and pretty things I could find around the house to bright up the very brown room and hide those mirrored backs while I waited for the chance to update the room. Then we covered the …

New YouTube Fav: Home Tours!

I don’t know why I never thought to check YouTube for them, but OMG I just found out people post home tour videos there. It’s like MTV Cribs but way better! They’re real houses and you can totally snoop without having to go visit anyone! And because it’s YouTube, there are SO MANY. Here, fall down the hole with me:

Dining Room: Coffee Bar Time

The dining room project, in which we turn a formal living and dining space into one big¬†dining room, is almost done, so: time to work on the coffee bar! It’ll be in the old dining space within the room. It’s the space in the far back of the first photo in this post. The hanging light you see there has been replaced with the drum shade in the photo below. The dining table is in the spot where the couches were. (That photo is from when we had to put all of our living room furniture in there to renovate in there. I promise we didn’t think that was a good look.) Here’s the space now: That’s the Hurdal dresser from Ikea and CB2’s Drum Flush Mount Lamp, plus our usual wood floors and Simply White paint by Benjamin Moore. And today we started painting the dresser: That’s just the first primer layer, so I’ll keep the final color a surprise for now.¬†Other than painting the dresser, we’re going to pop that chair rail off …

Saying Goodbye to My Grandma

On this day seven years ago, I sat with my grandmother while she died. My mom and I held her hands, comforted, and waited. She’d been moved to hospice the day before and we knew it was almost time, but knowing that and watching it are two very different things. Those weeks, that day, and especially the several hours surrounding her death changed my life. When she was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, I was living 5,000 miles away in The Netherlands. She was given a few months at most to live, so I went home to Texas for a while to be with her. Pancreatic Cancer seems to be mostly very harsh and doesn’t leave a lot of time to linger in good health, but often goes very bad very quickly, as it did in my grandma’s case.¬†She died within several weeks from finding out, and the last few of those could hardly be called living. My mom lived next door to my grandparents at the time, so I claimed my old bedroom, revived my …

SpaceX Amazes

I’m a big nerd for space, so SpaceX’s successful landing on their droneship today is THE NEWS. And it totally made me teary-eyed. Look how smooth and beautiful and amazing: With every step, they’re changing more than just our world. *** Read more about what they did and why it’s important: SpaceX Rocket Lands Safely On A Ship At Sea For the First Time (NPR).

Thanks for the memories, Timehop.

Thanks to Timehop, I realized a year ago today is when I had my Matt Chat, which wrapped up my Happiness Engineer trial at Automattic, and led to the job I currently have and love. My tweet from when I got the first Slack ping from Matt and the chat began: And then about six hours later when it was done and I’d landed the job: I spent the rest of the day (and the next few days, if I’m honest) in a haze of excitement. After yesterday’s blahs, this was a perfect reminder of something that has gone (and is going!) great in my life, so thanks, Timehop. I appreciate your perfect timing. This day last year changed my life in an amazing way and I’m glad to remember it. I’ll celebrate the official one year anniversary of my first day on the job later this month. I marked six months very happily¬†here, and I have even more to say about it all now. ‚̧

The April Blahs

I’m feeling pretty blah today. Foot pain and bathroom remodel delays are taking their toll. I feel pretty useless at solving either one right now, so please enjoy this adorable puppy gif: So cute, right? And no worries. Nothing keeps me down for long, so I’ll rally and be back to normal again soon. Because honestly as soon as my foot feels better, who cares if my bathroom is or isn’t done yet? It’ll get done. Plus, the weather is lovely and I’ve got cookies.