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Letters of Note: One of the Doomed

I love Letters of Note, and this recent one is a new favorite. In March of 1812, “Almroth Wright wrote a lengthy, pompous letter to The Times in which he argued that women should not be allowed to vote, and in fact should be kept away from politics altogether, due to their supposed psychological and physiological deficiencies.”

“One of the Doomed” wrote in to reply a few days later:

After reading Sir Almroth Wright’s able and weighty exposition of women as he knows them the question seems no longer to be ‘Should women have votes?’ but ‘Ought women not to be abolished altogether?’…

We learn from him that in their youth they are unbalanced, that from time to time they suffer from unreasonableness and hypersensitiveness, and that their presence is distracting and irritating to men in their daily lives and pursuits.

Read the whole brilliant letter (or watch a video of it being read) here

And excuse me while I roll my eyes forever. Women have been “distracting” to men forever apparently, and always at fault for simply existing. 2016 means it’s past time for everyone to manage their own eyeballs and reactions though. Women: They’re everywhere. Get used to it.