What Do You Do?

I used to find being asked, “What do you do?” frustrating because I didn’t want to talk about whatever job I had at the time. If I was clocked out, I was clocked out. Now I love my job, but it can be difficult to explain, so I’m sort of in the same boat. I don’t mind exactly because it’s fun to talk about, but my parents don’t really understand what I do, and I haven’t figured out how to explain it properly to them yet. (For the record: I’m a Happiness Engineer at Automattic and I highly recommend it.)

I came across Buffer’s 27 Questions to Ask Instead of “What Do You Do?” today, so I’m going to add a few of these questions to my repertoire to change things up from the boring ol’ job question. (I basically never ask people what they do, but I am asked sometimes, so I’m prepping these for when I can jump in first with the question.)

Sure, asking someone, “What’s your favorite emoji?” feels a little Buddy the Elf, but I do really like emojis. 😀


A few other suggestions I might try:

  • What’s something you’re really into right now?
  • What’s on your mind lately?
  • What’s the best thing that happened to you today?
  • What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned recently?

However, I’ll avoid a few on the list, like:

  • What’s the last picture you took on your phone? (Privacy please!)
  • What is your favorite thing to spend money on? (I’m too American for money chat with strangers.)
  • How do you feel your life has worked out so far? (Seems risky. I’m not ready for those answers.)

So, what’s your favorite emoji? 😉