Month: March 2016

Support Feminist Frequency’s Ordinary Women

Have you seen the crowdfunding campaign for Ordinary Women: Daring to Defy History? It’s a new video series by Feminist Frequency “about challenging stereotypes, smashing the status quo, and being defiant.” And I really, really hope it gets funded. We’re overdue for telling history in a way that truly and completely includes women, beyond their roles on the sideline. (Speaking of history, I really hope the National Women’s History Museum becomes a reality soon, too.) Check Ordinary Women and donate!

Life Update, late March

I ate another sandwich today: Chicken salad made with rotisserie chicken, mayo, mustard, relish, celery, grapes, salt and pepper, with lettuce and tomato on a ciabatta roll. And my bathroom passed the first plumbing inspection! Phew. The window install meant for today had to be postponed due to thunderstorms, but they’ll be going in Monday, so no big deal. Tomorrow the electrician is coming to update the wiring in the master bedroom and bathroom (and add a light over my table in our new dining room). There will be lights in better spots and more outlets! (Also, zero scary wires from 1960, so that’s a great thing too.) Once the wiring is done, it’ll be time for two more inspections: electrical and framing, for the room/walls/foundation in general, before the sheetrock can go up. My painter stopped by today to check things out and work up a quote for installing/repairing/updating/painting the walls in the bedroom, bathroom, and hallway, and I’m working on scheduling the tiling for the shower walls and bathroom floor. The new bed is being …

Week of Sandwiches with a Side of Wisdom

Confession: We recently ate fajitas for dinner 4-5 times per week for four weeks in a row. They’re really delicious and we bought quality ingredients, so it was pretty great. But it was time to change it up, so: sandwiches! All week.    Until recently we’d tried to rotate between so many dinner ideas and constantly change things up. But then one day we admitted we both really love Tex-Mex and the fajita streak was born. (We printed the same grocery list each week! So easy and saved a lot of time!) This week we decided to focus on limiting cooking time so we could spend it elsewhere (like our bathroom remodel and work-ish side projects), so sandwiches happened. And they’re delicious, too. What I’m saying is: cut yourself some slack sometimes. You’re not running a restaurant with a seasonal menu inspired by your early morning trip to the docks. Who cares if you eat a zillion fajitas or require extra bread for the week?  I’ve become really good at treating myself right and I …

Master Bathroom: Progress!

Last Friday: Cast iron shower base arrived! Also, floor tile. Wall tile on the way. Plumbers on Monday! BATHROOM IS HAPPENING. — Sarah Blackstock (@sarahblackstock) March 25, 2016 Today: This week’s schedule: plumbing, plumbing, windows, electrical. (I hope Friday is a day of rest, because I don’t want to hate my bathroom.) — Sarah Blackstock (@sarahblackstock) March 28, 2016 Some plumbing progress: By the end of today, the plumbing rough-in was done and the cast iron shower pan was installed. They’ll be back to do the water test tomorrow and the City Inspector is expected sometime too. (First inspection! Eek!) Next: windows (Wednesday) & electric (Thursday)! Scheduling walls & tiling soon. OMG, Y’ALL. THIS IS GOING TO BE A BATHROOM.

Outlander Countdown

Season two of Outlander premieres on April 9! If you haven’t seen any of it yet, you should. It’s interesting, and epic, and captures the female gaze in a fresh, feminist way. Right from episode one… you’ll feel the difference and it only builds from there. (Also, the water mill scene from season one will make you, uh, fan yourself and text your BFF the eyeballs emoji.)

Goat Evening

Every few months I remember this rude goat, Buttermilk, and watch this video. I mean, look at that lovable jerk: And since you’re into goats now: Also, this goat sidekick is adorable: