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Best Picture: Spotlight

I’m a bit of a Ruffalo-head. (Wait, is there a nickname for fans of Mark Ruffalo like the Chris Pine Pine-nuts?) Anyway! I like Mark Ruffalo. In movies & probably in real life… he just seems like a solid guy. (Into activism, cares about people, and also he was great in 13 Going on 30.)

He plays an investigative journalist in Spotlight, which just won Best Picture at the Oscars, and you should watch the trailer so it will convince you to watch the whole movie if you haven’t yet.

It’s about a team of journalists (real ones!) who broke the big story on the sex abuse scandals throughout the Catholic Church. They did important work, and there’s still a ways to go with the story… It’s an important movie and it was really well done, so I’m glad it won and I hope it helps move the cause forward.

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  1. Kim Jones says

    Spotlight is one I still need to see! Loved that it won though, just based on what I heard and the subject matter. (side note: Michael Keaton suddenly being super legit again is still weird to me.)

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