The Crush Continues

Soooooo, a few days ago, Timehop was kind of enough to remind me of the time I binge-watched The Fall and things got a bit awkward:

Timehope, The Fall

I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to be into the super-sick serial killer, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯… The reminder made me decide to rewatch the show over the past week, and today I realized I posted about it about one year ago:

Post from This Day Last Year on The Fall and an Awkward Crush

It was originally posted elsewhere (and moved here recently) so you may have been reading this blog for months with no idea that I had some awkward, creepy crush on a murder-y dude but NOW YOU KNOW. Maybe the post sort of explains it enough for us to still be friends? 😉 (I mean, look at those GIFs!)

Also, the show is really well done. It’s set in Belfast, which is a nice change, and Gillian Anderson’s Stella Gibson is a silk blouse wearing, badass feminist detective. 10/10 — Would watch again! (And I am.) I’m really looking forward to season three.