Poetry 101

I’ve spent hardly any time reading poetry. Ever. Except in a few random literature courses in which it was assigned and required and usually nothing about it woke me up. But sometimes I’ll catch a line or two of a piece and get the feeling that I’m missing out.

Recommendations, please! 😀

Here’s a cute, tiny poem as thanks in advance:

Fame is a bee.
by: Emily Dickinson

Fame is a bee.
It has a song—
It has a sting—
Ah, too, it has a wing.

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  1. I studied a lot of poetry in college and subscribed to poetry magazines for years afterward. More and more it just stopped being interesting to me. What I would read in magazines so often seemed like in-joke poetry or the sort of navel-gazing that I couldn’t really gain anything from except a sense of frustration at feeling like I was being given just part of the picture.

    There are a few contemporary poets whose stuff I do like to run across from time to time. Robert Wrigley is very good. So is Andrew Hudgins. I’ve found a fair bit of Michael Chitwood’s work to be good. Atsuro Riley dazzles with his language (if you know Gerard Manley Hopkins, Riley is sort of like a modern day version of him) but less so in terms of meaning or coherent narrative.

    I’m having trouble producing the names of any women poets whose collections I’ve read recently, though I’ll say that when I’ve found work in Poetry magazine that I’ve liked, which has been a pretty rare occurrence in the last oh 15 years, it’s tended to be by women, so I know there’s good work out there. Elaine Equi comes to mind as someone who is well-regarded, though her work never did much for me.

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  2. I quite like Vladimir Mayakovsky. His poems can be somewhat depressing (depending on your own mood), but at the same time there’s a true, raw beauty of them. As if he completely opens up his heart (sometimes almost literally, it feels).

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