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2016 Reading Challenge

To further recap my 2015 and start looking forward to 2016, here’s the reading challenge I mentioned yesterday. I’ve set (and exceeded) a reading goal on Goodreads the past few years, and am doing it again for 2016. (Set your 2016 goal on Goodreads! Mine is here.) It’s a simple total number of books challenge, so it’s really easy to track as long as you remember to mark the books as read and add a date.

In addition to this flat number goal, I’m going to make sure that I read at least one book during the year that helps me cross of each of the items listed below. Grab a copy of the list & join me! I’d love recommendations for a books to help me cross them off. (I’ll track my progress of the list on this page and by tagging them with 2016-sb-reading-challenge on Goodreads.)

  1. A book published in 2016
  2. A book you’ve always meant to read
  3. A banned book
  4. A book that’s over 100 years old
  5. A book that became a movie
  6. A book that became a TV show
  7. A book with a teen protagonist
  8. A romance
  9. A mystery
  10. A sci-fi
  11. A graphic novel
  12. A book of short stories
  13. An audiobook
  14. A nonfiction book
  15. A book with a protagonist of a different gender than you
  16. A book with a character under 10 years old
  17. A book with an LGBT protagonist
  18. A book written by a woman
  19. A book with a protagonist of a different race than you
  20. A book recommended by a friend
  21. An author’s first book
  22. A book that takes place over a the holiday season
  23. A book that takes place in the summer
  24. A book set in the future
  25. A book set in another country

Happy reading, whatever your goals may be. 🙂


  1. Hi there! I am also participating in a 2016 Reading Challenge and would love to have you join me on my journey as well! If you would like, please check out my blog. I look forward to reading about what you are reading! Happy 2016 and best of luck on your challenge! -BJ


  2. If you haven’t read it already, may I suggest Stone Butch Blues as your book with an LGBT protagonist? It’s my FAVORITE book but admittedly REALLY depressing (yet uplifting). You can get the free PDF here

    Happy reading! I’m still not sure if I want to go for a reading challenge this year. This one looks fun. And like it might stretch my comfort zones a bit. And, really, 25 books in a year is pretty do-able.

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        • Do your normally read any romance? Because if not, I can recommend the hell out of some for you to help you find one. (Or if you DO, I’ll still recommend because that’s just how I am.) Also, for the book-to-movie one, The Fifth Wave comes out later this month, in case you’re the read-it-before-you-watch-it type. 😉


  3. Kim Jones says

    I need to do some updating in GR but I am up for this challenge! If you like BJ Novak’s humor/writing or are open to it, One More Thing is a fantastic book of short stories. It is my #1 recommendation from my 2015 reads.

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    • Yay! Blog it so you have a place to track it! (I’m going to blog my progress to recommend books as I go.) And thanks for the rec, I’d vaguely intended to read it (b/c of the Kaling BFF thing) but forgot.

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  5. I set a ‘total number of books’ reading goal every year. This year I’d like to do better about retaining what I read by writing a short review or summary of every book.

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    • Great goal! I’m definitely focusing on more followup after finishing a book too, whether that means recording a few notes about why I loved a story or would/would not recommend, or something more in depth, especially for non-fiction.

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  9. I really need to set myself a reading goal this year. There are so many good books out there! Love your list, btw 🙂 For no. 12 I would recommend works by Edgar Allan Poe. Great short stories. And for no. 25 I highly (highly!) recommend a book called “The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared”. It’s set in Sweden and absolutely hilarious!
    Have a wonderful 2016!


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