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North Texas Tornadoes

Right around the time we decided to take a break from playing Don’t Starve Together and order pizza, we started getting tornado warnings for our area. And then we spent a while watching out the window and listening to the news.

But then the tornado sirens went off for a long time, so we hung out in the hallway (near the tornado closet, which is mostly empty except for a big pack of paper towels and a few coats) until things passed. The path of the storm (and subsequent tornado) shifted slightly east and skimmed past east Dallas where we live.

It was big! And stayed on the ground for at least 25 minutes.

I should’ve known humid 70 degree weather on Christmas would mean something like this would happen. And sadly at least five people died in a town that’s just a few miles from here, right over the Dallas border, and it looks like dozens of houses were seriously damaged too.

We’ll see what has truly happened around here tomorrow morning when the sun comes up. Keep Dallas in your thoughts. (Check The Dallas Morning News for updates.)


    • I’m really liking it! It seems like it’ll be easier than it actually is and there’s lots of stuff to figure out. Fun to play with a friend (or several!), especially if you’re in the same room or have a voice chat going. 🙂


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