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Have You Died of Dysentery Lately?

If you’re of a certain age you read the subject line of this post and instantly knew exactly what I was talking about. Internet hero,, has over 2,000 MS-DOS games available to play online and (of course!) that includes The Oregon Trail. (YES! My inner 8-year-old is so excited to once again play & play & play until my entire family makes it to Oregon.)

But, you know what that means… First, Peep broke her leg.

Oregon Trail, Peep broke a leg

Then Biscuit got cholera.

Oregon Trail, Biscuit has cholera

And everything basically went to hell. (Spoiler Alert: Biscuit later died & Peep nearly drowned. Gertrude made it without incident though.)

Other awesome games available:

  • Leisure Suit Larry, the very first computer game I ever played! (In 1990! I was 8 & what a creepy first game! My mom had no idea what I was up to.)
  • Sim City, another game I played as a little kid (and still play!)… You can’t save, so it won’t have the longterm aspect it’s meant to, but I’m sure it’s simple enough by today’s standards that it won’t matter.
  • Donkey Kong! (Ah, memories!)
  • Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (I’ve been solving mysteries & loving girl-detectives for decades!)
  • SimAnt, the game where you play an ant colony! (It creeped me out as a kid.)
  • BurgerTime, which I had for the first Nintendo (and made me obsessed with making digital burgers).
  • And so, so, so many more. Go look! It’s awesome.

Gotta go! I’m off to caulk my wagon!



    I played Oregon Trail with my friends daughter a while back. 🙂 She loved it.

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