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Hey, Look: Book Deals!

I’m a bit of an obsessive ebook buyer and spotted a bunch of great discounts on Amazon for Kindle books recently. There are a bunch under $3, and even a few free ones. I have no idea how long these books will be priced extra-low, so delay purchase at your own risk.

Click the price to go to Amazon to buy, or click the title to view the book on Goodreads. 

Four books from the Brothers Sinister series are under $3, including one for free:

And two Turner series books (1, 3) are only $1:

The first two books in the Love By Numbers series and the first Rules of Scoundrels book are all $3 and under:

Nine Rules to Break… was the first historical romance I ever read and the reason I got sooooooo hooked. Highly recommend it and all Sarah MacLean!

And four of the Virgin Rivers (1, 6, 13, 18) are only $2:

Happy reading!