Five Books to Read in the Winter

I’m a big theme-reader. When I get interested in a topic or a holiday rolls around, I tend to read a lot of books related to it. (See: That time I read 12 books about mail order brides and women homesteaders during the railroad boom across the States.)

In the summer, I scour the backs of books for any mention of a beach or summer camp. And in the winter, I’m all about cold weather and the holiday season (even though it’s going to be 70 degrees out in Dallas today for some reason). Plus, there’s just something romantic about fireplaces and bundling up under blankets together, so romance is the way to go this season. (Full disclosure: I can make a case for romance any time of year.)

Also, Young Adult continues to be a place to find fantastic books, whether you’re someone who realizes that yet or needs someone to point it out & convince you. (If you haven’t read a YA you’ve liked yet, keep looking. It’s there, I promise.)

Five books to read during the holidays & cold weather months:

  • Simply Irresistible (by Jill Shalvis)
    This book kicks off her Lucky Harbor series, which is set in a small coastal town in Washington. The series is cute & funny, and full of characters to love. There are 12 books (plus some novellas), so once you start with this one, you’ll have plenty more to keep you busy and help you hit your annual reading goal!
  • Book Cover of My True Love Gave to MeMy True Love Gave to Me (ed. by S. Perkins)
    This book features 12 holiday-themed short stories by 12 great YA authors. I keep a copy in my guest room in the winter.
  • A Wallflower Christmas (by Lisa Kleypas)
    This is the 5th book in the Wallflower series, so you should really read 1-4 first, but if you don’t mind skipping around start here, and let it convince you to go back to the beginning. I love the Wallflowers and their love stories.
  • Let It Snow (by J. Green, M. Johnson, & L. Myracle)
    Three interconnected wintery stories by three fantastic YA authors. Start reading!
  • Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares (by R. Cohn & D. Levithan)
    Lily leaves a notebook full of challenges on a bookstore shelf for just the right guy to find it and accept its dares. The book starts on December 21 and goes through New Year’s Day, so it’s full of just the right time of year.

Happy reading!