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Rest Day

I took today off work after working yesterday and realizing I really needed a break after a very social long weekend in Philly for WordCamp US. 

I spent the day lounging on my couch, eating snacks, playing Fallout 4 on PS4, starting my friends new YA novel (The Trouble with Destiny), and finishing season one of Jessica Jones. (I will tell you what I think of these three things soon.)

I didn’t use my voice from the time my husband left for work until he got home in the evening. It was just what I needed. I’m diving back into work tomorrow, but I’m happy I work somewhere that allows me the flexibility to realize I need a break to recharge and take it. No questions asked. No guilt. That’s not as common as it should be, so I’ve added it to the list of reasons I love working at Automattic. (Psst… We’re always hiring.)