Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving

I made my annual batch of Cranberry Sauce last tonight to have ready for today. (Cranberries, orange juice, sugar. Ta-da!)

Making Cranberry Sauce for Thanksgiving

And this morning I picked my sister up from Love Field after her short flight from Houston to Dallas. 😀 😀 😀  (Doesn’t she seem like she’s having a fantastic time on that awesome teal couch!)

Sister Visiting for Thanksgiving

We had some snacks on on the coffee table…

Snacks on Coffee Table for Thanksgiving

…and an accidental Halloween vibe on the dining table. Ha!

Thanksgiving Table

We ordered a fried turkey from a local barbecue place (since our oven is broken and we’re toast oven-only until our remodel), and made the very delicious sides.

Thanksgiving Food

Starchiest plate I’ll eat all year, but yum! Totally worth it.

My Thanksgiving Plate

Hope you had a lovely day too!