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Hey, I made a pillow!

I mentioned yesterday that I’d be taking a sewing class today and… I made a pillow cover!

I mean, look at those stitches!

Close up of stitches on my pillow

And don’t say “well the machine did that!” because EXCUSE ME but the machine didn’t make them so straight! And it didn’t measure & iron that hem!

I took the Intro to Sewing Class at Urban Spools in NE Dallas, and it was really great. I got a refresher on the parts of the sewing machine, tips on setting up, and guidance throughout the project. The class was totally appropriate for a complete beginner or someone who hadn’t used a sewing machine since middle school like me.

After class I treated myself to a taco from Torchy’s since luckily it’s right nearby. I got one of my favorites, the Trailer Park (trashy, on flour) and it was delicious.

And I signed up for another sewing class soon. The project is a little zipper pouch and I’m really curious to see what it’s like sewing in a zipper since I’ve seen so many go wrong on Project Runway over the years. 😀


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