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Hi, I watched Jurassic World.

We had a delicious BBQ lunch today, so decided to do a snacks-only dinner (popcorn, M&Ms, & amazing jalapeno pretzels) and watch a movie tonight. We chose Jurassic World, because, well, we like big ol’ action movies and are of exactly the right age to have both loved Jurassic Park as kids.

FYI: We rented it through M-Go on Roku, which worked really well and had zero problems, so definitely check that out if you have it and haven’t given it a try yet.

Jurassic World

So, Jurassic World… Well, it was basically exactly what I expected:

  • Careless people doing dinosaur experiments that went terribly wrong,
  • the token lady-boss wearing her high heels for way too much of the movie (the whole thing! she ran through the jungle! and taunted a t-rex! and so much more in those shoes!), and
  • Chris Pratt charming the hell out of everyone to make things bearable.


And then a t-rex stood dramatically on a platform for the closing shot:

And fortunately: The High Heels Will Not Return For Jurassic World 2.