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things i’m doing right/should improve

Goal Digger print by ThElephantintheRoom on Etsy

Goal Digger print by ThElephantintheRoom on Etsy

Things I’m doing right:

  • posting here daily (194-day streak today)!
  • eating well (meaning mostly healthy & sometimes amazingly).
  • meeting new friends! (coworkers @ GM! too bad they live far away.)
  • learning new things – sewing class & making a WordPress theme.
  • reading! books & articles & just a whole bunch of words.

Things I should improve:

  • getting back to daily yoga practice.
  • recording 3-5 daily bullet points in my notebook about my day.
  • returning shoes to Zappos so I don’t have $500 tied up in new shoes.
  • taking more daily photos for Instagram/documenting life.
  • my ability to make local friends.

Will update later!

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