Carry-on only?

When I visited my BFF in Austin last weekend, I did carry-on only (backpack + tote bag) and I still had more stuff than I actually ended up needing for the trip which lasted from Saturday until Tuesday. And when I went to Europe for 2.5 weeks earlier in the month, I did check a bag but it had space leftover and it was the best packing job I’ve ever done for a long trip. So now that’s got me thinking about my next bit of travel…

Next month I’m heading to Seattle for Geek Girl Con on a Friday the 9th, then that Monday I’ll fly to Utah for the annual meetup for my job and stay until the following Monday, when I’ll fly back home to Dallas.

That’s 11 days.

I wonder if I can go carry-on only for a trip that long? And if so, other than my backpack (which will carry my laptop, headphones, plane snacks/entertainment, and purse items), what bag should I take for the rest of my stuff? Hmm.

I feel like this is possible but not simple, so… CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. (And I promise to share the outcome… whatever happens.)

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  1. I did carry on and backpack only for ten days in England this summer. Granted, I bought a bag over there and checked it for souvenirs on the way back. Mostly Pimms and kinder eggs. 😀

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