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As I mentioned yesterday, I just returned from 2.5 weeks in Europe. While there, I spent the majority of my time in The Netherlands, plus a night in Ghent, Belgium, and few nights in Rome, Italy. I packed everything I needed in one suitcase, plus carried on a backpack (mainly for my MacBook, Nintendo 3DS, and plane snacks).

A few trips ago, I started using packing cubes for two reasons: (1) if my suitcase were to pop open, hardly anything would spill out and everything would be easy to pop right back in, and (2) I can arrange them like puzzle pieces to get the right fit without having to do a bunch of re-packing of squishing when it’s time to close my suitcase.

I highly recommend them! I’ve got a multi-size 3-pack (which hold my clothes) and another set of longer, slimmer ones (great for filling random spots and corralling smaller items).


Suitcase Packed for 2.5 Week Trip

My suitcase is the Delsey Helium Colours 26″ 4 Wheel Trolley and the striped toiletry tote is Kate Spade.


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