First: Sister

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: First!

I remember so much about my first day of Kindergarten. Where I woke up, who waited at the bus stop with me on the sidewalk in front of my next door neighbor’s house and snapped the pictures as I kicked off my first bus ride around lunchtime that day. And I remember who greeted me after school, and where we went when we instantly hopped in the car, instead of going in the house.

I can’t say I remember anything about the actual day at school though. I can remember my teacher and classroom, of course, but not specifically from the first day of school, just sort of in general and pieced together.

I remember so much about such a big day in my life, except the actual big thing. But that’s because something even bigger was going on that day and it captured all my memories and took up all my nerves and happiness for the day.

My baby sister was born.

Sarah and Shelley in Photobooth, 1989
Me (Age: 7) & Sister (Age: 2), 1989
I spent the night before my very first day of kindergarten in the hospital while my mom labored for hours. My grandmother was there and when it was time for school, because I really wanted to ride the bus, she took me home and let me wait at the bus stop, instead of dropping me off at school and rushing back to the hospital, which would have been quicker. It was a big day for me too.

She snapped several photos as I stood on the bus steps for the first time and not one captured my entire head. She was never the best with technology. (I’m working on finding these photos somewhere in my mom’s collection.) And my grandma was there when the bus returned me to the sidewalk after my very first day of school later that afternoon. We chatted about my day as we drove back to the hospital and she told me my sister had been born thirty minutes before. September 1, 1987 was a fantastic day in my life & I’ll never forget it.

Happy birthday, baby sis! I can’t believe it’s been 28 years since you made me a big sister & gave me the chance to be part of a fantastic lifelong duo.

Annual Birthday Pic in front of the Chuy's wall, 2012 (Age: 25)
Annual Birthday Pic in front of the Chuy’s wall, 2012 (Age: 25)