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#Ferguson, a year later

I don’t know what’s going on or why exactly or what the solution is, but SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE. Policing in our country has detoured into a scary place. I was going to write about something entirely different tonight, but then I opened Twitter and saw a bunch of tear gas, and reports of an 18-year-old shot dead by police today in STL, and how a protest gets called “unlawful assembly” and then some military-looking cops show up to antagonize and brutalize ailing people who HAVE A RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE.

Listen, sometimes people commit crimes, but most crimes aren’t punishable by death, so I’d appreciate it if trigger-happy police weren’t on the force, so the ones who remember they have OTHER TOOLS to use before bullets (like words, patience, and waiting, or even pepper spray, baton, and taser) can step forward and do good policing.


Twitter looks like August 2014 right now, after Mike Brown died. It’s a year later, and here we are again with teargas being shot at Americans on American soil and we’re policed by officers who aren’t all wearing body cams yet. I don’t understand it. And I’m watching TV now, and there’s nothing on there about it… If I didn’t watch Twitter, I’d think things were fine. WE NEED TO BE BETTER.

For updates on the ground in STL, check out @WyzeChef, @search4swag, @MsPackyetti, @re_invent_ed.