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Fall TV: Future Faves?

As my very dedicated recapping of Pretty Little Liars likely pointed out to you, I love TV. I love it so much I’ll watch a show that repeatedly promises and fails to reveal a secret for almost six entire seasons and at one point makes me spend a full minute of my life watching someone brush a tiny wig being worn by a tennis ball. That’s hard proof. ❤

I love when summer turns to fall for a few reasons: the temperature in Dallas dropping to a more comfortable level (at some point), the promise of having the option to layer (although I can still wear a t-shirt if I want to and probably be fine), and new shows on TV. Sure, most will be terrible and lots won’t make it, but every new season could be the start of me finding one of my faves.

Here are a few shows I’ll definitely be checking out with that hope in mind:

Supergirl – This looks very rom-com-meets-lady-super-hero, so I’M THERE. I have high hopes for this show and the possibility of a crossover with The Flash someday.

Heroes Reborn – I watched the original series and love the concept, so I’ll at least give this one a try (and hope it doesn’t fall apart in the first season finale like last time).

Blindspot – A woman wakes up in Times Square covered in mysterious tattoos? Huh. Sounds intriguing… I’m not sure where this will go, but it’s got the same Executive Producer as The Flash, so I’m willing to find out.