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Eating Around Portland

Last month I tagged along with my husband when he went to Portland, Oregon for a conference for work (OSCON). I can work from anywhere with an internet connection (as a Happiness Engineer for Automattic), so I got my work done during the day when he was at the conference, and then we spent our evenings (plus one extra day) wandering the city, enjoying the fantastic weather, and tracking down good food.

We got burgers and fries for dinner one night at Tilt. The food was good, the casual/cool atmosphere was great, and the cinnamon roll we took to-go to eat in our hotel room later was insane.

Another night, we stopped by Eb & Bean on Broadway for frozen yogurt. They had interesting flavors and a few unique toppings that made them stand out from the usual. Plus, isn’t that wall with the little colorful cones in a grid the best? ❤

One morning we went for breakfast at Pine State Biscuits, and the 20 minutes we spent waiting in line to get in the door just to order were totally worth it. Because: Yum! We tried a few different things because we knew we wouldn’t have time to get back (but I could’ve happily eaten breakfast there every day of the trip). No matter how we tried the biscuits — with gravy, with honey butter, or used in a chicken sandwich — they were delicious. This may be the biscuit loving southerner in me, but this was my favorite food of the trip!

When we found ourselves through security at the Portland airport, hungry, with a wait before our flight, we decided to grab a Breakfast Banh Mi to split from Bambuza. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the sandwich we got with bacon and eggs plus usual Banh Mi vegetables on top was great. The bread was fresh, the flavors were solid, and it was simple enough to not have suffered from dried out airport food syndrome. The Vietnamese Iced Coffee and Strawberry Bubble Tea Smoothie were both great too!

Is anyone else hungry suddenly? I could really go for a biscuit.


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