Weekend Food

For the past several months, we’ve been really great at eating dinner at home during the work week. We’ve got our routine down: plan meals Saturday, shop at Central Market early Sunday Morning (it’s Hatch Chile Fest time right now!), Husband cooks us delicious, properly-portioned food all week (with help keeping track of it all using MyFitnessPal). The weekends, however, are another story. We hit the town for our faves & to try new places.

On Saturday, we tried Stackhouse Burgers in Dallas (near Deep Ellum). They’ve got the standard burger toppings, lots of cheese options, good bacon & buns, and delicious fries. Plus you can opt to have your burger a bit pink, instead of well-done. And the restaurant is in a cute old house!

Recommend! Great burgers & comfy surroundings.

And continuing our weekend food tradition, we met friends for our favorite pizza at Cane Rosso. If you’re ever in Dallas, don’t miss it! I love the Ella (the hot soppressata is amazing), and the Ladybird is our favorite dessert option — hello, nutella, cookie butter, chocolate, and powdered sugar! (See: here & here.)