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35 Women Tell Their Stories About Being Assaulted by Bill Cosby, and the Culture That Wouldn’t Listen


That empty chair is haunting, as are the words these women use to tell their stories of assault.

“People often these days say, ‘Well, why didn’t you take it to the police?’ Andrea Constand went to the police in 2005 — how’d it work out for her? Not at all. In 2005, Bill Cosby still had control of the media. In 2015, we have social media. We can’t be disappeared. It’s online and can never go away.” —Tamara Green

NY Magazine’s story featuring 35 women who were assaulted by Bill Cosby is moving, horrifying, important, and a sign of our time. Things are far from perfect, but this kind of story wouldn’t (and didn’t) get published even ten years ago. And social media has changed our world forever.

Read the entire piece here.