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❤️ my “Camping” Shorts

Until two summers ago, I hadn’t worn shorts in yeaaaaars. I’m not very summer-outdoorsy (It gets VERY HOT here!) & I was in a major dress phase, so that’s how it worked out for a while.

Then, on a whim, I grabbed a pair from Old Navy to try out and this happened:

(They were olive green, so maybe that contributed to his very rude interpretation, but STILL.)

This summer, I’ve ONLY worn shorts. The other day I decided against a restaurant because I thought I’d have to change into something dressier. (It’s hot and my legs will not be contained!) In my third summer of being a shorts convert/enthusiast I’ve gotten a nice collection going:

shorts stack

Not Pictured: The original olive green shorts which I was wearing when I took this photo.

I also love shorts because they’re super fast to fold and there’s a spot on a shelf in my closet just for them.

Shorts Pro Tip:

Old Navy shorts are fine for the price, but the bottom cuffs tend to flip & crease and would like you to iron them. I don’t iron anything ever, so I deal with it, but it’s not great.

Land’s End shorts, however, are slightly more expensive but are made of sturdier stuff, so they come out of the dryer looking like I DID iron them and never suffer from flipping cuff syndrome.

(Both places carry lots of colors & patterns and come in varying lengths, so decide by whichever issue bugs you less: aggressive cuff wrinkling v. spending more.)


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