A missing post is ruining my streak!

Somehow I made my original July 10, 2015 post disappear and it’s ruining my streak! (I love getting those notifications each time I publish a post! I’m the exact person those types of incentives work on, because I CAN’T STOP NOW!) My streak was up to 254 for today, except the July 10 post is gone and so now it says 165! 😭

So, I’m adding this post to that date for now to see if it gives me my streak back, and I’ll remember this moment the next time I’m chatting with a WordPress.com user (as part of my job as a Happiness Engineer) and wondering how they managed to get themselves into the mess I’m helping them clear up. It happens! Even to me!

EDITED TO ADD: Right after I hit publish, the streak came back! And it’s actually day 255 of posting in a row! I’M SAVED! 😀

Double Hacking gif

Pro-tip: Try to avoid four hands on one keyboard when you’re blogging. 😉