This time last year

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On this day last year, I spent the day camped out in my new house’s living room while repairs were being done before we moved in a little while later. I mostly read books and tried not to be cranky about the lack of cold drinks due to being refrigerator-less. My BFF spent the day texting me super rude reminders about my house’s lack of amenities. 😉

To be fair, it looked like this (so I can’t really blame her):

Now a year later, that room is mostly still the same, except the floor has been beautiful wood since right before we moved in (pictures here) and we sit on a couch instead of those dumb ol’ chairs.

The wood paneling is still on the walls, but… not for long! We’re ripping it off this weekend. We’ve got goggles, gloves, floor protection, pry bars, and big plans.