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Pretty Little Liars & Ezra’s Terrible Shirt [S06E08]

We open on Alison telling the Girls about how that creepy home movie (which we saw at the end of the last episode) was from a birthday celebration in which Charles gave her the frosting off his birthday cake.

“How does that turn vicious?” Alison laments. Hanna is the best because this is how she replies: “You played skee ball once! I wouldn’t call that family bonding.” Dropping truth bombs!

Next we see Hanna and her mom trying to talk to Mr. DiLaurentis (Alison’s dad) about the mystery $30k scholarship. Hanna wants to get rid of it, because “‘A’ gives so ‘A’ can take away,” but her mom doesn’t want to give it back since they do need the money.

Ezra is pretending to dust or something while he eavesdrops on Aria’s conversation with photography-pal, Clark. She’s not going to the show they’re both finalists in because it’s TOO DANGEROUS, so he brought her a postcard advertising the show. (Aww.) He leaves, so Ezra swoops in and points out that Clark sure does ask a lot of Questions About ‘A’ and ISN’T THAT WEIRD?!


Remember how Alison is a high school senior and is dating an adult man who is a police officer? (Like, how young am I supposed to think this dude is? COME ON.) She’s over at his place doing his laundry and washing the dishes. She also made him homemade soup, and listen: She was “dead” for a while, is only 17, and has never displayed any interest in cooking. Where did she get this soup recipe? DID I MISS THE TIME JUMP? Is she actually a 25-year-old housewife now? Because girrrrrrl, bye. He can wash his own clothes.

Anyway! Later she steals his police access keycard and goes to snoop around in the PD in the room with all of the Charles/’A’ case info. The Detective catches her and tells her they’ll use “lethal force if need be” when they find Charles and Alison seems too upset about that considering who he is and what he’s done. (Kidnapped and locked up her friends. Years of harassment. Killed her mom?)  Boyfriend-cop is pisssssssed and in trouble, since she got caught, so maybe she won’t be washing his clothes anymore. 😉

And YES! More Hanna & Spencer teaming up! (I must not be the only one who loves them together, because it’s happening so often now!) They’re trying to figure out how to get into the office that sent the scholarship check to INVESTIGATE. They got into some dude’s office and they’re sneaking around when he walks in and WTF he looks A LOT like Jason DiLaurentis… so maybe he’s Charles? It’s clear they both think that right away, but what’s not clear is why they don’t run screaming from the room. Faux-Jason/Charles/”Rhys” won’t tell them who his “boss” is but says that’s who sends out the scholarship checks.

Meanwhile, the detective is critiquing Aria’s photos in the most awkward THIS MAKES NO SENSE SHE’S POLICE NOT AN ARTIST moment ever. Like, why are you telling her about your ~artistic~ process, Aria? Basically they both want Aria to go to the art show, while Aria’s mom is a no vote (but of course, gets convinced otherwise).

When Aria’s getting ready for the art show, she talks prom with Emily. (I guess they’re finally graduating soon so that’s coming up.) She says she put her “own spin” on the dress she has hidden in her closet for prom and won’t let Emily see it. I imagine she’ll wear the formal version of this gem of an outfit: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS

Maybe it won’t matter since the moms all got an email saying the school board might not let the girls attend prom. (How rude!)

Later the art gallery is “crawling with police” for Aria’s showing. Hanna’s wearing a tough girl leather jacket and Spencer is in a dress made from an old lady’s curtains (😍).

Aria chats with Clark at the gallery. He says he’s so nervous. She seems confused and says she figured he’d be super chill since he’s done this before. He gets shifty and is like, “Oh RIIIIIIIGHT. I have.” (What a liar!)

The art show doesn’t go as planned, of course. Instead of the creepy doll photos Aria expected to see displayed on the wall, her space has photos of the four girls when they were in the locked in the  bunker, drugged and naked on those autopsy/morgue metal tables. ‘A’ is a real jerk. And Aria’s mom is real mad. Detective is super nonchalant about it and basically DGAF.

Ezra's ridiculous shirt
Ezra’s ridiculous shirt

Forget all that though because Ezra showed up to the gallery wearing this shirt:

Quick PSA: Kids! Feeling lonely? You are so lucky because you can literally have a random thought and instantly go find people who are thinking the same thing all over the internet right away. I COULD NOT deal with Ezra’s palm tree/spider shirt, so I searched “Ezra’s shirt” on Twitter & oh hey! SO MANY TWEETS ABOUT HOW RIDICULOUS THAT SHIRT IS! pll-tweets-ezrasshirt

(The shirt is currently for sale at J.Crew which is a whole other issue.)

Also, the actor is on Twitter so people couldn’t resist asking him about the shirt.


[tweet https://twitter.com/lucyhaleyeah/status/626192702426730496]


While Ezra is wearing that ridiculous shirt, Aria somehow still manages to take him seriously and confides in him that when she woke up on that metal table in the bunker, for a minute, she thought she was “back in Iceland”… Remember how when the show started she was just moving back from there?! (This random mention makes me wonder if those theories about her never having been in Iceland, but really having been in a mental institution, are on the right path. It seems really out of nowhere to mention that. DOES ‘A’ STAND FOR ARIA?!)

Back to Ezra & his dumb shirt: Aria tells him she’s “still cold” like she was back on the morgue table and back in Iceland. Brrrrrrr. (Related: I’m not a fan of people describing their emotional trauma as feeling ‘cold’ or some other pointless descriptor… like, no you’re not. You’re sitting outside wearing a short skirt and I don’t see any shivering. Improve your vocab, please.)

Post-art show: Aria’s mom goes to see Hanna’s mom. She’s pissed! I bet it wasn’t cool seeing her daughter looking dead on that metal table. “WE HAVE TO PROTECT THEM!” she says. Meanwhile, Red Coat is spying on them from right outside of the window. RED! COAT! (Remember her? Where has she beeeeeen and who is sheeeeeeee?)

Spencer, Hanna, and Emily head to Aria’s house to tell them they spotted photo-pal Clark looking shady and going into the abandoned doll factory right after they spotted faux-Jason/Charles/”Rys” went in there. Something’s fishy!

The final cheeseball ‘A’ scene didn’t have a tennis ball wearing a wig (ahem: tennisballwearingawig.com), but it did have: rope, duct tape, syringes full of a mystery liquid, and a tux waiting for prom. DUN DUN DUNNNNN.

Two more eps until the mid-season break & the time jump!

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Pretty Little Liars & the Microchip Removal [S06E07]

The last episode of Pretty Little Liars (“O Brother, Where Art Thou,” S06E07) once again totally failed at solving the ‘A’ problem, however I think we’re getting close! Maybe! (Unless they very rudely take the mystery into the time jump & the girls are still dealing with it in the twenties.)

We open with Spencer watching an online video showing someone removing their dog’s microchip to figure out how to DIY their chip removal to stop ‘A’ from tracking their moves. She seriously wants to remove them AT HOME SURGERY STYLE! (Ow.)

pll-charles-bdaycardAlison’s dad throws luggage in the trunk & takes her away from home. She looks confused & scared but she still goes willingly. He’s covered in dirt from digging up the grave he thought Charles was in and seems crazy-ish. Alison spots the threatening birthday card he found in the emptry grave, and: “He’s alive & he’s coming for us, isn’t he?” (Oh, you’re finally catching up! Yes, Charles is your brother, he’s alive, and apparently he’s not a very chill dude.)

Hanna’s mom tells her she applied for scholarships while Hanna was trapped in the bunker & hands her a letter with a check for a $30k scholarship. (Should scholarships really be in check form, made directly to a teenager? Seems like they should’ve sent it to her school directly.) Mom says Jason recommended the place, and the name sounds familiar to Hanna, but whyyyyy…?

When Emily’s at the coffee shop, she runs into Claire, a friend of Bunker-Sara’s (pre-bunker) who was there waiting for her. Claire wants to see B-S, but she’s not available, according to Emily. Then Toby’s back from his “police seminar” (still having a hard time figuring out how he went from Spencer’s high school boyfriend to Spencer’s police officer boyfriend so quickly) & Spencer is happy, but she ditches him quickly to go “do something”

Aria & Spencer question Mona, wondering if she’s seen ‘A’ before while she was locked in Radley, but she says she was on so many drugs she “thought she was being haunted by Ali” and “auditioning for American Idol”… so she’s no help. (Also, American Idol? Seems like a pretty dated reference, PLL, and not very Mona-y.) Meanwhile, Emily’s in her bedroom with Bunker-Sara, who is her new live-in girlfriend, I guess? (DOES HER MOM HAVE RULES OR BOUNDARIES? WTF.) She offers to go with B-S to see her old friend, Claire.

Cut to: Jason sees a red balloon on the porch and finds a birthday invitation! Ahh, Charles strikes again! It says: “Come alone or not at all” & directs him to an arcade they went to as kids. DUN DUN DUNNNNNN.

pll-6x7-ariascaredcryingAria spends some time in her room (which still looks identical to her bunker prison, and that just seems wrong) sorting all of her super creepy dolls and being sad. She admits the dolls are spooky & decides to get rid of them. Although, they DID help her become a finalist for that art show she applied for, so I guess they weren’t all bad. Her brother tries to be sensitive for like 3 seconds, but is really more like: okay whatever, but DID YOU TELL MONA NOT TO TALK TO ME! (She didn’t.)

Hanna & Spencer, one of my absolute favorite pairings for scenes, figure out Hanna’s “scholarship” is coming from a company connected to Radley and/or Charles somehow. Probably not a good idea to keep the money! But oops, too late, her mom cashed the check, so… whatevs. She’ll go to college and spend it and I’m sure everything will be perfectly fine. 😉

Three things that seem kind of pointless (but like they could possibly have a point later) happen:

– The coffee shop employee who Spencer previously asked for weed (or pot brownies) drops some gummy bears wrapped in homemade packaging in her purse when she’s not looking,

– Bunker-Sara leaves Emily’s house to go stay with her pre-bunker friend, Claire, and says it’s so she can officially date Emily. (I’m still confused by her & this & what goes on at Emily’s house.)

– Mike brings Aria’s laundry basket full of dolls to Mona’s house, as a weird/creepy gift, I guess. (Is Mona really into dolls?)

And then it’s DIY Chip Removal Time! Toby swings by and while Spencer’s filling him in on who Charles is, we hear Hanna’s “ow!” from upstairs. 😂

Aria: “Hanna, you’re bleeding.”

Hanna: “What?! Where?”

Emily: “What do you mean ‘where?’ Where Dr. Amateur Hour cut your neck open.”

Toby: [has no idea what medical procedure they’ve performed on each other, makes hilarious confused face] 

Of course, Jason goes to the creepy arcade alone to meet Charles. Toby insists on grabbing his police partner and checking out the arcade, instead of letting the girls do it, while Alison calls 911 to tell them Charles, her mystery-bro, is ‘A’ & they end up at the arcade too. Things get wild, Charles uses arcade games to pelt the police with some skee balls or something, and Toby falls over all blinky-eyed and confused. He stole the gummy bears out of Spencer’s purse and ate them all & now he’s totally high while on the job. (Ahem. It’s pretty rude to take candy that was clearly made specially for someone out of their purse without asking, Toby.)

After his failed meetup with little bro, Charles, Jason heads home and pours himself a Scotch. Alison tells him not to do it. (Is he an alcoholic? I guess I forgot.) While he’s pity partying, they hear a kid say “Jason come play with me!” from upstairs. They run up to find an old home movie playing and are not nearly freaked out enough. Like, why aren’t they wondering if he’s crouched in the shadows waiting to murder them?!


Only three more episodes until we hit the mid-season break before starting back up in January… maybe with the time jump!

See this Pretty Little Liars page for links to each recap for season six.

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Pretty Little Liars & “Bitch chipped us!” [S06E06]

After the last episode, which featured a tennis ball wearing a wig, I was really looking forward to seeing where it went this week. Like, what creepy stuff will they think up next? And will photographer-dude turn out to be an actual nice guy or a creeper working a scheme? Also, I made this: tennisballwearingawig.com. 😎

Buffy beeperTonight’s episode (“No Stone Unturned” S6E6) failed in the WHO IS ‘A’ OHMYGOD JUST TELL USSSSSSS department, but won me over anyway with it’s ridiculous comedy. I’ve loved Hanna from the start and her character this season has only improved. Either the actor gained some comedic timing skills and they’re putting them to use or she’s been great the whole time and they just figured out that a show THIS campy and ridiculous could use some jokes. (See: Buffy. 😍)

Hanna: (Trying to see Mona, who’s stuck in her bedroom.) “Now you tell me? After I tried to shimmy up her drain pipe?!”

Spencer says she was “asked to be valedictorian” and doesn’t know why, since she has incompletes in everything. I also don’t know why because, um, that’s not how that works. Maybe she DID have the highest GPA (although, HOW?! — her life has been ridiculous for years), but she doesn’t now, so quit playing, principal.

Hanna spends some time being mad at Caleb, who continues to be the sweetest, smartest, most devoted boyfriend to ever come to town. She gets over it eventually… when he stops post-bunker babying her & starts up a makeout session instead. He also spends some time teaching Bunker-Sarah about “responsive design” since she’s actually working for him, and not just pretending like I thought she was going to. Although, if he’s expecting a web designer and has to explain optimal viewing of websites on a mobile browser to her, I’m not sure she’s up to the job.

Bunker Sarah: “What should I wear to Caleb’s office?”

Emily: “Your office is where Caleb plays Grand Theft Auto in his boxers.”

Speaking of Emily, she goes with Aria back to the rest-stop/junk-yard-with-cool-stuff-not-garbage. (I don’t remember what they called it but it’s super random and makes no sense.) I guess they’re looking for ‘A’ clues since photographer-dude caught him/her/it in a photo and SURPRISE! He’s there too! (Listen: Is he a creeper? Or as nice & cute as I want him to be? Seems impossible, so I bet he’s scheming something horrific.)

Anyway, they’re there looking for clues & Emily’s on her phone constantly. It bugs Aria: “Em, it’s kind of hard to hunt for clues & pick emojis at the same time.” For a show with a text messaging foe, they’re calling out excessive phone use fairly frequently.

Of course, Emily is a stage 5 clinger, so she soon ditches Aria at the rest stop/junk place. (She basically dates every girl she spends any time with that isn’t one of her best friends. Also, I think some of them are straight, until Emily, so HUH.) As Emily decides to head out, photographer-dude offers to give Aria a ride home later so she can stay and “look” for her “tripod” (cool excuse). She says, “How could I say no?” when he asks and, to my television, I say: “Like this: ‘no'” because, seriously, actual girls (not just characters named Aria): Get good at saying no. And get good at saying no without apologizing or giving a reason. NO IS ENOUGH.

Pretty Little Liars, Tennis Ball Wig Never ForgetWhile Aria’s there, we get a TINY WIG SIGHTING! The wig has ditched the tennis ball and now it’s on a doll Aria previously moodily photographed. And that doll is stabbed through the eye. Subtle message much, ‘A’?

While Emily is off trying to hook up with Bunker-Sarah, the other three girls go to a lab to ~investigate things~ and Spencer ends up feeding an irritated lab raccoon Hanna’s dinner-Cheetos. Also, they figure out ‘A’ microchipped them while they were unconscious in the bunker. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN.

Only three more episodes until we see ‘A’… I think!

See this Pretty Little Liars page for links to each recap for season six.

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Living Room Progress: Demo Done!

After yesterday’s wood paneling removal-palooza, we were left with the solid wood built-ins around the fireplace that were reeeeeeally nailed in there & a bunch of clean up to do today. And since we recently got a leak fixed next to the chimney, we were sort of dreading seeing what it looked like behind there…

We went to Home Depot to get a sawzall this morning and that ended up being a great decision. I think the built-ins would still be stuck in there if we hadn’t been able to saw them up a bit and break them out in pieces.

We also grabbed some big suction cups and a bunch of clear packing tape to remove the mirrors without breaking them… and it worked! We covered them in tape, except for the spots we left open for the suction cups, then attached those, and wiggled & yanked until the mirrors separated from the backing. Without breaking! Phew!

We were also happy to find minimal water damage in the leak area. And it was all dry, so the chimney/roof repairs we had done last month seem to have fixed the problem. Some of the wiring in the room looks pretty iffy though (and it is 55 years old), so I’ll be happy to have a fresh start after the electrician is out to re-wire the room.


It’s not pretty to look at yet, but there are zero wood paneling pieces, the ceiling beams are gone, and the built-ins with mirrored backs are in a pile in the garage now, so it’s an improvement. It’s been an exhausting weekend, but we’re off to a great start!

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Living Room Progress: Bye Walls!

As promised, we’re in full living room demo mode this weekend. We spent Friday night emptying the room out so there won’t be any furniture in the way while we work.

Living Room demo prep

So now we’ve got two living rooms worth of furniture in one living room. It’s a bit cramped, but we’ve got paths to each doorway and the faux-sectional we created out of necessity with our two separate couches has made us sure we want a sectional in the other living room. So much lounging!

temporary Living Room

And then today, this happened:

Living Room paneling off

We rolled out Ram Board and taped it down to protect our wood floors, put on some protective goggles, and grabbed our pry bars. Bye, wood paneling!

Our paneling only had studs behind it, so it wasn’t that difficult to remove once we got it going. The ceiling beams were a bit tougher. They were made of different layers of solid wood wrapped around other wood and the pieces were long and heavy. Luckily, Husband is tall enough that he could easily reach them without needing a step stool of any kind, so he had stable footing to help him out as he ripped them from the ceiling. I stood under them with my hands in the air trying to keep pieces from bouncing off my head. (Note to self: Consider a hard hat next time!)

The toughest job of the weekend was removing the built-ins that surrounded the fireplace. They were made up of layer after layer of solid wood, attached to other pieces of solid wood, and had big mirrors lining the back. We used up a ton of tape trying to protect ourselves from the mirrors breaking on us and used big suction cups to yank them out, then we bought a saw to cut the wood into pieces and remove it in chunks. It took us a few hours to finish both and was pretty exhausting. But we did it! And the mirrors didn’t even break!

Next: We’ve hired an electrician to come re-do all of the switches, plugs, light fixtures, and wiring. The original wiring has been there since 1960 and is frayed, and some newer wiring was installed sometime after that by someone who didn’t seem to care much for doing it properly. We’re happy to be starting fresh! And we’ve got an appointment soon to move the air conditioning vents from the walls to the ceiling so they’ll fade into the background a bit better.

And psst… If you’re a numbers nerd, I’m tracking every penny we spend and will share the details once the room is done, so check back!

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