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Reasons BFF Visits Are Great

My BFF (of 18 years!) flew to Dallas from Austin to visit me this weekend. (Virgin ran a deal a while back and we both got tickets for weekend visits for around $100.)

And here’s the thing that’s really great about when your best friend comes to stay at your house: You don’t have to DO anything special for it to be great. There’s no pressure to put on a whole production to entertain and/or impress. Your BFF is there to visit YOU, and so you can spend hours upon hours talking & talking & talking. And then you can watch about 12 episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And you can go to a bakery and get a ton of sweets to eat when you’re not out grabbing your favorite pizza. It’s great & I highly recommend it. 😀

I had the best pizza ever this weekend @canerossotx. Prosciutto & fresh mozzarella made in-house. And dessert pizza! #pizza #dallas

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  1. Kim Jones says

    Looking forward to our next hang out (already planned & soon!)


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