Another Reason To Love Where I Work

In addition to the perfect EFF score post I reblogged recently, I also love to be a part of the place being discussed in this post by Matt Mullenweg: Ten Years of Automattic.

It’s great:

Our work is far from finished, and I hope there are hundreds of failures we learn from over the next 20 years. One of the things that makes me happiest is that I get to wake up every morning and work on the hard problem of making the web a better and more open place, and I do it alongside close to 400 talented people at Automattic and thousands in the broader community. For me this is a life’s work. The first decade is merely the first chapter of what I hope to be a very long book…

I only started this year, so I can’t take credit for any of the great things he mentions in the post, but I can be excited to be a part of them now. (And I am! You may have noticed.)