Rectify Yourself

I started watching Rectify last week after seeing a tweet about it. (See: Mario Lopez is the Reason I’m Watching Rectify.) And WOW, it’s true love. (Stop reading if you haven’t seen the show & go watch it, instead!)

The first season is only six episodes and I’ve got some thoughts:

He is seriously great in this role. He plays a guy who just got released from death row after twenty years due to DNA evidence very, very well. I don’t know what else he’s been in, but I imagine he was brilliant at that too.

Teddy is pretty jerky and insecure and I worry about what that means for how he treats people, especially someone he’s convinced was wrongfully let out of prison.

This episode was so much lighter in tone, while still being a really serious show. Daniel realizing the stuff he left behind twenty years ago, as an 18-year-old, was up in the attic was perfect & fun to watch. His cassette tape collection!

One thing I’ve noticed about Rectify is how whole episodes pass with Daniel saying so few words, and yet… I feel like I know him best. He does a lot of things (sort of), but he doesn’t always say a whole lot… still the show mostly sticks with him and everyone else seems surprising and foreign (probably intentionally, since I’m sure that’s how they feel to him too after so many years locked up).

Daniel’s interaction with Teddy in this episode (coffee at the tire shop, anyone?) surprised me and made me wonder how innocent or guilty he truly is. I find it really easy to like him and root for him, but they did convict him somehow, so I’d like more case details before I fully commit.

I looooove Daniel & Amantha together. I wish he’d willingly hang out with her a bit more. She’s trying so hard to be what he needs and she’s great. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to have my sibling locked up for two decades or how thrilling it would be to get them back after all that time.

…And now I’m off to watch season 2! (Still can’t believe I didn’t know this show was any good & that I’m watching based on a recommendation from Mario Lopez!) 😀 😀 😀