Letters From Mom

Time’s Letters From Mom are great.

I especially love Jennifer Weiner‘s “You Are So Much More Than Your Looks,” since a common theme I hear in mother/daughter relationships is body issues… commenting on weight or clothing size, casually mentioning a restrictive diet plan, and mom’s complaining about their own bodies within earshot of their young daughters who absorb every word.

Of course, moms aren’t just moms, but women too and they live under the same societal body pressures their daughters grow to understand.

My prayer is that you’ll never lose sight of yourselves—all of yourselves. You are so much more than just your looks. Your bodies are perfect, perfectly made and perfectly sized. You don’t have to waste years of your life fighting against them…

Jennifer Weiner is also an author of smart, funny books and the best live tweeter of The Bachelor. 

Happy Mother’s Day, moms.