My Trial at Automattic in Gifs

I wrote on a private blog during my trial as Happiness Engineer at Automattic for myself, and also to provide the weekly observations my Trial Leads requested I share with them.

I’ll write more about Automattic’s hiring process in the future, but for now, here are the gifs I used in my observation posts. They pretty much sum up what it was like and are great to look back on now that it’s over (and it turned out well).


When I tried live chat for the first time:
I'm Fine Internally Screaming gif

By the end of my first week in live chat / after reading about some stalling techniques to make it easier to manage:
Tom Hanks You've Got Mail gif

During the third week when I started really feeling the exhaustion of working 65+ hours/week (40 at my job + over 20 on my trial):
Breathing Into a Paper Bag gif

Week four, when I figured my trial would end soon one way or another I wavered between being worried about getting a message from my Trial Leads:
Cat Peeking gif

And also really wanting to get a great message from my Trial Leads:
Give It To Me gif

Week five, when I realized I’d learned so much & loved the job:
New Girl Jess Raise the Roof gif

And when I decided I’d done my best work & that was all I could do:
Jon Snow I'm Ready gif
(Not to be dramatic, or anything. Haha.)

A few days after I submitted my last observation (which contained the last two gifs), I found out I’d made it to the final step in the hiring process. 😀

However difficult it appears to be by those gifs, I highly recommend it.