“No Pictures” & How Las Vegas Protects Floyd Mayweather

On fight night, this is your reminder that Floyd Mayweather is a garbage human being who beats up women and when buying the fight, you’re using your dollars to say that’s okay with you. Have you seen his 10-year-old son’s handwritten account of one terrible night when he watched his dad beat up his mom?

No pictures. That’s what the biggest name in boxing, poised for one of the signature fights of his career, says over and over again when asked about the overwhelming evidence that he has a history of abusing women.

From: This Is How Las Vegas Protects Floyd MayweatherΒ (Deadspin)

Diana Moskovitz’s story on Mayweather, domestic violence, and how Las Vegas works to make his continued success possible is gripping, well-done, and just plain sad.

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