To Do: Become a Longreads Member

I’ve been a fan of Longreads for quite a while now and have truly enjoyed so many reading recommendations I’ve found there, so I’ve recently become a monthly donor. (Also, matches contributions for Longreads, so it’s like I donated twice as much!)

Here are a few pieces I’ve loved reading that inspired me to donate:

Curtis Sittenfeld’s ‘Prep,’ 10 Years Later – Sittenfeld’s smart debut novel about social dynamics at an exclusive boarding school remains relevant—and not just as a “coming of age novel”—a decade after it was first published.

Interview: Former ‘Matilda’ Star Mara Wilson on Leaving Hollywood and Becoming a Writer – “It’s very hard to be a perfectionist growing up in the film world. It reinforces all of your worst fears about perfection and doing things right.”

The Twisted History of Your Favorite Board Game – An interview with Mary Pilon about her new book, ‘The Monopolists,’ which uncovers the real story about how Monopoly became the game it is today.

Longreads features such a wide variety of reading recommendations, I believe there must be something there for everyone.