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Please mail me my Apple Watch.

Apple WatchI preordered an Apple Watch, but I didn’t set my alarm for the middle of the night (in Texas) launch. I happened to wake up about two hours after the sales started, so I ordered it from bed using my iPhone, and even then it was already backordered to June. And so I wait…

I’ve saved $100/month (from my spend-it-however-you-want money) since the start of the year for the watch so I could order it upon release, because:

  1. I’ve wanted a fitness tracker for a while and I thought this would be a good one while also doing other fun things.
  2. I’ve never bought an Apple product right at release time. (I have had two first generation products before but they were purchased quite a bit after release.)
  3. I like watches & I want a reason to wear one other than boring ol’ telling the time.

I don’t yet know how much I’ll actually like the Apple Watch (or if I won’t change my mind and cancel my order before they get around to shipping it), but the reviews are positive in the ways I’d like them to be, so I’m still intrigued enough to anticipate its arrival. For now.

I’ll be following the updates on the Apple Watch on Circa to decide for sure.

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