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Thoughts on the State of the Union

You watched the State of the Union last night, right? (RIGHT?!) I love that it’s an annual tradition, and always enjoy seeing what gets claps and from which side. (Full disclosure: I majored in Political Science in college, so.) I could do with less John Boehner staring blandly ahead… but Joe Biden’s whimsy makes up for it. (I mean, THE FACES!)

I liked many things about President Obama’s speech last night, like:

  • the “her” used next to “business owner” (simple, but so important),
  • calling out those who want to pretend people can (or should!) live on $15,000/year,
  • pointing out that childcare isn’t a women’s issue,
  • acknowledging that scientists are the experts on climate change, and
  • oh yeah: jobs! healthcare! internet! fast trains! gay rights! equal pay!

I also truly loved this moment:

Also, when he said he has no more campaigns to run & some people clapped (insert eyeroll here), his response was awesome:

That said, I could’ve used more on race issues facing the U.S. right now (and always). Maybe even a little #BlackLivesMatter mention. (I know he walks a strange line of being the first black president but trying not to be too black so that it’s all some people will notice about him, but I’m tired of that!) We’ve got serious issues and never truly acknowledging them isn’t going to make things better.

Also, his comment on how abortion is at its lowest rate ever wasn’t exactly pro-choice or helpful to women’s healthcare access. While the numbers are down due to things like birth control and education, they’re also down due to lack of access (such as in the Rio Grande Valley where many Texas women are severely limited in their ability to affordable access reproductive healthcare, much less abortion options). Forcing low-income women to have kids they don’t want and/or can’t afford isn’t the way to make the stats look better. More access & education = better, more regular healthcare = fewer abortions.

All in all, though, I was happy with the speech and look forward to seeing where (if anywhere) it all goes. Also, Michelle Obama’s The Good Wife look was on point.