Home Office: Gazing Up at My Gallery Wall

Preparing to hang my office gallery wall

Working from home means I spend a whole lot of time sitting in our shared home office at my desk, which faces a white wall, and really, really needed some color and fun and inspiration added to brighten my work days. I mentioned the other day that we’re fixing up our house and here are the very first after photos. (They count, even if it’s not a whole room yet!)

Preparing to hang my office gallery wallI spent some time on the floor figuring out which frames to use from the boxes of them we already had, which led to my very first gallery wall mixing frame colors. (It’s only black & white ones, but still!)

Five of the framed pieces are free/cheap printables I had printed in full color on a heavy paper at Kinko’s (aka FedEx Office) for under $2 a piece. I didn’t want to spend any money on new frames or mats, so the paper trimmer came in handy to get things to fit just right.

I cut out a kraft paper shape for each frame (since I had a roll in the closet) and had heard it can be helpful accurately hanging a gallery wall as planned. (We’ve always measured & eyeballed & sort of winged it before.) The paper templates really helped! Once I had a few pieces up, I even found a way to include another frame that I’d left out when I was arranging on the floor. It’s way easier to decide when you’re staring at it up on the wall, even in just paper stand-in form.

So, here’s the gallery wall in-progress: 

Paper test run of my office gallery wall
(excuse the bad night time lighting — the walls are white!)

And look! Here it is with the frames up:

My office gallery wall

Here’s where you can find the art pieces (clockwise starting from the round frame):

I love it! (It’s so nice to look up & see bright colors, inspiration, and cuteness.)

SOURCES: Desk Lamp – West Elm | Paint – Benjamin Moore’s Simply White in flat | Frames – Ikea, West Elm, Michaels.